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Business Partners & Alliances

We have various business networks and associates in Europe and Asia to help our customer source out the good quality products to import and distribute in the country as well as expand the foreign markets  for local products. Our network names a few as follows.
Waldenmar Behn GmbH
One of the last non-corporate-based spirits producer with international relevance, markets and distributes world leading brands, such as Danzka, Dooley's, etc. More information please visit www.waldemar-behn.com
Diverse Flavours

The Diverse Flavours portfolio of South African premium wines offers a unique variation of regionalism, diversity, history, and taste profiles.  We offer new and exciting brand names and experiences. More detail please visit www.diverseflavours.com



Freixenet is the world leading wine company over 150 years of successful wine-making, and of the company’s status today as a leading player within the international wine trade. Freixenet is truly international, offering a quality global still wine portfolio, alongside our renowned traditional method sparkling wines, for which we continue to lead the world as number one producer and exporter. More detail please visit www.freixenet.com

Speciality Adhesives & Coatings

Speciality Adhesives & Coatings is a European company supply a specialized range of adhesives and coatings to paper, film, foil converting industry worldwide.

Kenneth Woon & Associates
A business consulting firm bases in Singapore, specialize in business strategic planning, market development, and networking.

Asia Pacific Executive Advisors
A business consulting firm bases in Switzerland, specialize in business strategic planning, market development, recruitment, sourcing and networking.

Camus Wines & Spirits

A leading cognac house produce and distributing cognac, spirit, and wine worldwide.


Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM)

The state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance of Thailand.

TTM operates in tobacco production and distribution business in order to contribute revenue to the state for country development.

BillerudKorsnas AB

One of the top high qaulity kraft paper producer. BillerudKorsnas focuses on offering the packaging markets with sustainable materials and new solution that increase customers profitability and reducing the overall environment impacts.

Hasrat Meranti Sdn.Bhd.

The leading manufacturer of multiwall industrial paper bags in South East Asia.



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